Be part of bringing art and culture to your community, become a member today!


How to join…

Fill out membership application and attach a resume or biographical information. Bring samples, photographs, slides of your work to a Gallery X members meeting, held the second Wednesday of every month at 7:00pm in the Main Gallery. Be prepared to discuss your artwork with the members at the beginning of the meeting. You are then welcome to stay for the rest of the meeting to gain an understanding of how our cooperative is run. We will vote on your new member application at the end of the meeting and then notify you of the members’ decision regarding your application.


The benefits of a GALLERY X membership:
  • Artists who join Gallery X are eligible to submit artwork to all Gallery X exhibitions free of charge
  • Gallery will receive 25% commission on works sold
  • Payments for artwork will be made to Gallery X and artist will receive payment in the month following the sale
  • All members can submit proposals for small groupĀ  or one person shows in either the Main Gallery or the Douglass Gallery
  • Curatorial opportunities for members to mount special themed exhibitions and installations
  • Permanent representation in the gallery store, Something Xtra
  • 10% discount on all Gallery X purchases
Membership Fees:
Active Memberships Fee: $120
Student Memberships Fee: $100
Senior Memberships Fee: $100
Special Needs Memberships Fee: $100
Family Memberships Fee: $150
Non-Active Memberships Fee: $200